The USER who accedes and uses this web page knows and​ accepts the general conditions here written, and the modifications that take place are produced, must accede from time to time to these for his knowledge. The web page includes the texts, graphs, images, videos, sounds, drawings, photography’s and software included in the same one, already be capable or not of intellectual ​property.

FIRST. – Holder of the web

The holder of the web is LLUCH ESSENCE, SLU with CIF: B62129267, with head office in Lo Gaiter, 160 – 08820 Prat de Llobregat – Barcelona (Spain), registered in the Commercial Registry of Barcelona, Tome 32.692, Folio10, Sheet B, Nº 213.904, Inscription 1ª, (in forward LLUCH ESSENCE).

Being able to contact with LLUCH ESSENCE by phone +34 93 379 38 49 or by e-mail: or to the postal address previously indicated.

SECOND. – Object of the web

LLUCH ESSENCE puts at the disposal of the public (in forward USER), that accedes to the domain, (in forward WEB), information and information (in forward CONTAINED), by means of an informative web of character and in which the USER can take part to contests offered by LLUCH ESSENCE.

THIRD. – Access to the web

The access and use of the WEB for the users is free, without previous authorization, subscription or record.

The access and USER’S use to this WEB does not imply any obligation on the quality and speed of the access on the part of LLUCH ESSENCE, which will be able to modify the conditions of access or to suspend the access to the WEB, or part of the web, without previous notice, not taking responsibility LLUCH ESSENCE, of the consequences, damages and prejudices caused by the modification of the access and the suspension of the WEB.

The necessary hardware and software to accede to the web will be at the expense of the USERS. LLUCH ESSENCE will be responsible neither for the functioning nor of the consequences of these, nor for the rights of use or licenses needed for his utilization. Neither will be responsible LLUCH ESSENCE of any anomaly, evil functioning, deterioration erased of information or software that takes place in the equipments or systems of the USERS, as direct or indirect consequence of the access or attempt of access to the WEB.

The service given by LLUCH ESSENCE by means of his WEB is in indefinite time, without prejudice of being able to be suspended or be cancelled this one without previous notice.

FOURTH.- Contents of the web

The CONTENTS of the web are provided and created by LLUCH ESSENCE. The language used by LLUCH ESSENCE in the WEB will be the Spanish and English, without prejudice of the utilization of other languages, national or autonomous. LLUCH ESSENCE does not take responsibility of not comprehension or understanding of the language of the WEB for the user, not of his consequences.

LLUCH ESSENCE will be able to modify the contents without previous notice, as well as to suppress and to change these inside the WEB, as the form in that one accedes to these, without any justification and freely, not taking responsibility of the consequences that the same ones could cause to the users.

They are a property of LLUCH ESSENCE all the rights of industrial and intellectual property of the WEB, as well as of the contents that it shelters. Any use of the WEB or his contents it will have to have an exclusively particular character. It is reserved exclusively to LLUCH ESSENCE, any other use that supposes the copy, reproduction, distribution, transformation, public communication or any other similar action, of everything or part of the contents of the web page, as well as of this one it self, for what no USER will be able to carry out these actions without the previous authorization and in writing of LLUCH ESSENCE.

There is prohibited the use of the contents of the WEB to promote, to contract or to spread advertising or own information or of third persons without the authorization of LLUCH ESSENCE to send advertising or information using for it of the services or information on that they put at the disposal of the users, independently of if the utilization is free or not.

The links or hyperlinks that they incorporate third in his web pages, directed this WEB, will be for the opening of the complete web page, not being able to demonstrate, directly or indirectly, false, inaccurate or confused indications, to incur disloyal or illicit actions in opposition to LLUCH ESSENCE.

LLUCH ESSENCE is not played the role responsible for the reliability and rapidity of the hyperlinks that join in the WEB for the opening of others. LLUCH ESSENCE neither guarantees the usefulness of these links, nor takes responsibility either of the contents or services to which the USER could accede by means of these links, or of the good functioning of these webs.

FIFTH. – Users of the web

The users who accede to the WEB of LLUCH ESSENCE will do it in conformity with the Law, and they bind not to accede at all time to the web and to the contents of form opposite to the established one and / or with illicit, harmful ends of rights and freedoms of third, or that they could damage, spoil, saturate or slow down the web, to the detriment of LLUCH ESSENCE or of third users.

The users neither will use the contents of the WEB of form opposite to the Law, (specially the Law of Intellectual and Industrial Property) uses and customs and public order, nor will copy, will distribute, will spread, will transform, these will modify or manipulate.

LLUCH ESSENCE has not in his WEB of products or services at the disposal of the users where these should introduce any type of contents or information, since they can be groups of news, chat, forums or others of similar character.

The access to the contents of the WEB on the part of the USER will be under his total responsibility not being able to reverberate to LLUCH ESSENCE any derivative direct consequence or indirectly of the access to the web, already be of physical, logical, moral or personal area.

LLUCH ESSENCE will be able to make the users responsible that doing an evil use of the WEB, they were causing hurts or prejudices to third persons, as well as of possible virus or computer programs, which could introduce, to generate, to lodge in the web, and spoil or could spoil so much it contained as the good functioning of this one, as well as the equipments, systems and programs of the users of the web.

LLUCH ESSENCE will be able to go against the users on all the claims, indemnifications, fines or administrative sanctions that were relapsing on LLUCH ESSENCE and be direct or indirect responsibility of some USER of the contents or services of the WEB.

All the users who know some action that is spoiling or to spoil the good functioning of the WEB of LLUCH ESSENCE to modify or to alter the contents of this one, will have to communicate it immediately to LLUCH ESSENCE. ​​